We inherited our profession from our ancestors, and we want to preserve this inheritance by preserving its status while keeping pace with evolution.

Quality Excellence

Commit to delivering products that consistently meet or exceed global quality standards. Strive for excellence in manufacturing processes and product development.

Soil and safety

We farm in the Bani Sueif Desert as areas free of any pollution, so we are similar to you in getting a healthy and safe product

global health standards

In our production, we take into account the commitment to global health and safety standards to produce final materials free of any harmful viruses


We have the skills, the potential, the certification that makes you looking for us.


Uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethics in all business dealings. Foster transparency and openness in communication with stakeholders.

Customer Focus

Prioritize customer satisfaction by understanding and exceeding their expectations. Build enduring relationships with clients based on trust and reliability.


Embrace flexibility and adaptability in the face of changing market dynamics. Proactively seek opportunities for growth and diversification.

Our Vision - Mission

The Vision

Our vision is to be the leading merchant exporter in cultivating medicinal and aromatic plants through the continual preservation of the excellence of our product quality and the reliable experiences with our customers in the whole world

The Mission

Our agricultural professionals use the most accurate scientific basis and efficient strategies for agriculture that enable us and you to have an outstanding level of product quality, starting with the careful selection of grains, till packing the product inside materials that ensure their safety, preservation, and their safe arrival anywhere in the entire world. At Alwafaa Herbs we have made a great effort to bring you a high quality for our plants from the start to the end for your health and your family's too.